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When talented Jewish artist, Rebekkah Gelles finds out her husband has a frightening dark side, she wants out of her marriage; but her life gets complicated when she moves back to her parents’ home in Park Slope, Brooklyn and falls for the charming Italian detective who’s investigating her estranged husband. Convinced he’s all wrong for her—he’s not Jewish for one thing—Rebekkah struggles with love, faith, family, and a surprise pregnancy.

carol i - CopyAbout Karoline-
She was born in upstate New York and has lived in South America, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. At the moment, she lives in a small Connecticut town with her husband. When she’s not writing, she loves reading, spending time by the water, traveling, and doing anything that has nothing to do with math.
She’s currently working on her third novel, a cozy mystery set in upstate N.Y.

Contact Karoline-

Website:           Karoline Barrett

Facebook:         Karoline’s Facebook author page

Twitter:         @KarolineBarrett

Pinterest:          Pinterest


Agent:             Frances Black, Literary Counsel

Publisher:      E-Lit Books

Publicist:         Candice Frederick

Interview with Karoline

Kacey, thanks so much for hosting me on your blog! My novel, The Art of Being Rebekkah, was published in December 2013 by E-Lit Books. It’s a coming-of-age story about the challenges Rebekkah, a Jewish artist faces regarding deception, family, faith, and love.

  1. Think back to high school. Were you good at English? It was my favorite subject!

  2. Which writers inspire you? Debbie Macomber, Naomi Ragen, Ann B. Ross, Jane Heller, Faye Kellerman, Tova Mirvis.

  3. So…what have you written? I’ve written short stories and a few poems over the last few years, but I won’t bore everyone with every single one! Here are links to my latest ones; all published by All Things Girl. THE SMELL OF BREAD; L’CHAIM; LIFE RUNNING BY. My creepiest story came from a dream I had about a disturbed priest. It’s called THE LEGEND OF LILLY MARCH and was published by Necrology Shorts. I don’t write horror or creepy, so this was an aberration for me! One of my favorites, THE VISIT, was published Eastown Fiction.

  4. What are your ambitions for your writing career? I’m working on a cozy mystery series that I hope will be a favorite among cozy mystery lovers.

  5. Who is your main character? Rebekkah Gelles is my main character in The Art of Being Rebekkah. What makes him/her so special? She faces a lot of challenges: Letting go of a brain injured fiancé, a husband who isn’t who he seems, and when she falls in love with a man who isn’t Jewish, having to rethink what family, love and faith mean to her.

  6. What genre do you write and what draws you to it? I like women’s fiction because it tends to be character driven, and as a writer I love developing my characters. I also like cozy mysteries with humorous protagonists who feel as if they could be your best friend.

  7. Do you outline or fly by the seat of your pants? Any horror stories related to the “other” way? I outlined my novels. I have total admiration for writers who just sit down and see where their book takes them. With my short stories, I don’t bother outlining. Sorry, no horror stories as I am afraid to attempt a novel without an outline! Maybe someday…

  8. How have you evolved as a writer? I certainly hope so! Compare yourself to when you wrote that first page to where you are now. I started out a few years ago writing short stories. I think now my writing is tighter, not so superficial, and I get to know my characters before I begin writing about them. The first draft of my novel was a mess because I was going in too many directions. I had to start over at chapter fifteen and decide what exactly my book was supposed to say.

  9. What is the easiest thing about writing? Developing my characters.

  10. Do you read ebooks or are you a traditional paperback/hardback reader? I have a whole pile of traditional books to read, so once I get through those, I’ll go to ebooks! I do prefer the look, feel and smell of traditional books, but ebooks definitely have their advantages as well.

  11. What books are you reading right now? You’re assuming I have time to read! Right now writing is my priority, but as I mentioned I do have a “to be read” list!

  12. Who designed your book cover? Martin Blanco. He is an awesome freelance illustrator. Here is a link to his website, Martin Blanco.

  13. How important is it to judge a book by its cover? The first thing you see is the cover. If a cover doesn’t convey something intriguing about your book, you’ve lost readers. I think Martin did a great job of illustrating key points about The Art of Being Rebekkah.

  14. How do you feel about good/bad reviews? So far I have been lucky-no bad reviews. I love the reviews I’ve had so far; they make me feel that my book is resonating with readers; that Rebekkah’s journey is something with which readers can identify.

  15. What phrase or quote motivates you? I came across this quote by Toni Morrison recently, and I thought it was very inspiring in its simplicity: If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

  16. At what moment did you finally consider yourself a writer? When my first short story was published.

  17. Is there an underlying message in your story? Family, love, and faith don’t always appear, or stay, in our lives the way we envision.

  18. What books have most influenced your life? Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier, any of the Enid Blyton series from when I was a child, anything by Naomi Ragen.

  19. What is your current project? Book two in a cozy mystery series featuring amateur sleuth, bakery owner Molly Tyler. And can you share a little of it with us? It’s currentlynameless, but involves a cosmetic heiress, a murdered library advisory board member, a frog on the endangered species list, and a jilted fiancée.

  20. What is the best writing advice you’ve ever received? It came from my husband who told me, “If you don’t try and write to get published, you’ll always wonder, ‘What if?’”

  21. Do you find inspiration organically or do you seek it out? Usually it comes at 3 a.m., or when I’m driving, or in the shower. You know, when I am nowhere near a pen and paper! I don’t usually have to seek inspiration as I have a very active imagination.

  22. What is your biggest writing weakness and biggest writing strength? My biggest weakness is not staying on schedule-so many distractions! My strengths are plotting, dialogue, and creating believable characters.

  23. What emotions/ideas/purpose do you hope readers will take away from your writing? I hope they fall in love with Rebekkah and her journey to find happiness.

  24. What is the hardest thing about finishing a piece and how do you overcome it? The Art of Being Rebekkah was hard to finish because I didn’t want to say goodbye to her, or Nick, the man she ultimately falls in love with.

  25. Why should someone read your work? The Art of Being Rebekkah explores what happens to a woman after she discovers her husband has a dark side, then falls for a man that seems all wrong for her. If you love romantic women’s fiction that illustrates the female journey, is character driven, emotional, suspenseful, and easily digestible, this book is for you.

  26. What do you do OTHER than write? I love to read (when I have time…), go to the beach, and visit museums.

  27. If you could do it over again, would you change anything in your book? No, I think it’s what it should be.

  28. Who are your favorite NEW authors? I confess to usually reading authors that I am familiar with.

  29. How did you come up with your title? I came up with it during a visit to the Kurt Vonnegut museum. Rebekkah is a complicated woman. She’s an artist. The Art of Being Rebekkah seemed perfect!

  30. Give us 3 words to describe the type of writer you want to be. Popular! Successful! Emulated!


Thank you for visiting, Karoline. I’ll be reviewing The Art of Being Rebekkah in the near future. Be sure to look for it!



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